New Spring Trends in Lawn Care!

In the Spring:

Lots of ice in the winter, as well as extreme fluctuations between mild and harsh winter conditions, can affect the plants, as well as the lawn around your home. Some of these affects may be dehydration, snow mold, salt damage, and turf dormancy or death. Dormant turf can also be seen in the summer in cases of high temperature and drought. A common new spring trend is frequent heavy rainfalls which you’d think would be great for your landscape, but that’s not always the case. Too much rain in too short a time can quickly run-off the surface and cause erosion issues. 

A lawn that is well prepared and maintained in the spring thrives better in the summertime!

Here are a few tips to help your lawn thrive this season:

  • Spring Dethatching helps maintain a strong and healthy lawn by raking up excess thatch that can suffocate new lawn growth.
  • A good Core Aeration is always recommended in the springtime once the soil has dried out a bit to help reduce soil compaction and therefore promote better root development of the grass during the growing season.
  • Spring overseeding, although very helpful in thickening the lawn, can sometimes be a bit tricky to execute successfully. What makes it so tricky is that the environmental conditions in spring only allow for a small window of opportunity for successful seed germination. Soil temperatures need to be warm enough to promote generation, but temperatures can’t be so warm that the soil dries out too quickly after watering. Water is essential for seed germination however, rainfall that is too heavy can also wash away newly applied seed – this is why after seeding, Urban suggests a fan sprinkler to provide an even sprinkling of moisture to all seed. 
  • Another helpful practice is to keep a well-maintained fertilization and lime application regime. The Urban Landscaping Organicare Fertilization Programs are designed to provide your lawn with a well-balanced, organic based nutrient program to improve lawn health throughout the season and store those nutrients throughout the winter. An early fertilization is always important to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to get a head start on sprouting back up after a long winter. 
  • Have Grubs? Worried about getting Grubs? Call us in the early spring (as soon as the snow melts!) so we can check out what’s going on and get you on a list for spring grub control spraying of needed! This service books up very fast, with limited capacity for our pollinator-friendly spray. So it’s better to book as soon as you can!