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Urban Organics is a division of Urban Landscaping that is dedicated to composting various yard waste items like leaves, grass and wood chips and turning them into soils. We manufacture a garden soil made up of 80% compost and a lawn soil comprised of 50% compost.


What Makes Good Topsoil?

The answer is compost: “Natures Natural soil conditioner!”

Natural soils stripped from gravel pits, old farmland or development sites tend to have a high mineral content (sand, silt or clay). The organic matter usually is low or insufficient to sustain good plant growth. This usually results in more leaching out of nutrients from the soil, lower organic matters and a more sterile, less fertile soil.

Compost is rich in beneficial micro-organisms which maintain the soils naturally fertility, micronutrients, soils with compost improve plant hardiness and resistance to disease and pests.


  • Our soils are made from composted leaf and yard waste, household oranics and various commercial biosolids, blended with fine sand and optimum texture and density.
  • Longer term slow release of nutrients due to higher percentage of organic matter than naturally occurring soils.
  • Balanced acidity (pH) levels ensure optimum nutrient uptake from fertilizers (range: 6.2 to 7.2).
  • Superior moisture retention and resiliency, which resist compaction for optimum root development and plant establishment.

Garden soil


Lawn soil


Helps keep weeds out and moisture in your shrub beds and perennial gardens. Whether it is a finely ground mulch you are after or a dyed mulch to help retain its colour for more than one season, we have a mulch to suit every gardener’s wish.

Red Mulch

Dyed mulch product. A spruce/pine mulch mixture has been put through a natural dyeing process to produce a gorgeous dark red-brown colour. No pinky-orange here! Colour retention for up to two seasons. Accents shrubs beautifully.

Black Mulch

Dyed mulch product. A spruce/pine mulch mixture has been put through a natural dyeing process to produce a rich black mulch that looks like soil, but helps keep weed counts down. Great for the homeowner that doesn’t like the look of mulch, but wants to cover the soil for moisture retention and weed suppression. This mulch provides an exceptional background for showy shrubs and perennials and is our best seller!

Brown Mulch

Natural mulch product. This mulch has proven to be a popular one, due to its soft brown natural look, no dyes and middle of the road price point. The mulch retains its brown colour relatively well, fading only to a lighter brown with the sun. It is easy to work with since the bark strips are much smaller than what is found in the Spruce mulch variety. A good pick for any garden on your property.

Spruce Mulch

Natural mulch product. Contains standard size bark strips in a dark brownish-black colour. This mulch fades over time with sun exposure to a silvery dark grey. Great mulch for natural areas and wooded borders.

Decorative & Crushed Rock Tab


Whether for drainage or base material, we have a variety of sizes of crushed limestone to help out.

¼ Minus

great base material for walkways, patios, paths

¾ Minus

a more substantial base material when extra thickness and stability is needed, such as for driveways

¾ Clear

a more substantial drainage product when higher volumes of water need to be drained such as behind higher walls or in deeper French drain ditches

Playground Peagravel

Natural brown/black/grey in colour, this government certified product is great for children’s play areas. It is about 1/4″-3/8″ in size and is washed so kids can run and jump in a good base of this gravel without injury and without getting filthy!

Decorative White Stone

Be bold and different! Create a theme bed using this attractive creamy white stone.

Beach Stone

A super alternative to mulch, especially around pool areas. Works great as a drip edge border along the foundation of a house or shed.

Landscape Stone Tab


Oaks Concrete Products

Being an exclusive dealer for Oaks Concrete Products in the greater Saint John area means we’re able to supply homeowners with premium pavers, curbing and retaining wall products for fantastic prices! Our Urban Corral is full of product and colour options to help you choose the right look for your property.


Nothing beats the look of natural stone! Our Natural or Square Cut flagstone can be a beautiful alternative to concrete pavers if you are looking for a naturalized or classic look for your patio or walkway. After all, Mother Nature never goes out of style! 

Landscape Rocks

Sometimes the final touch to a shrub bed is a well-placed landscape rock or two to help nestle the shrub bed into its surroundings. We have small “1 man rocks” to large armour rocks which need the help of a loader to lift!

Miscellaneous Tab

Polymeric Sand

Walkway or patio pavers need a bit of sand to fill in the gaps? Our professional grade polymeric sand acts like pliable mortar between the paving stones and helps keep weeds and moss activity at bay

Grass seed

When you need to do a bit of lawn repair here and there, our convenient 1lb bags of professional quality grass seed are just what you need. Each pound covers approximately 75 ft2 – 100 ft2 and blends beautifully with your existing lawn. Just remember to water!

In-lite Lighting Supplies

Rest assured we can “light up your night”. We carry lots of options for up-lighting, down-lighting, wall lighting, pathway lighting, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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