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Home improvement doesn’t stop with interior decorating. Think of us as your exterior decorator. Just as the inside of your home has many functional rooms, so too can your property have several “theme areas”. Lawns, walkways, patios, gardens and ponds all help pull your whole home project together into a beautiful place to live. And who better to place your trust in than our AWARD WINNING company!


We offer the following services:

  • 1 hour consultation: Receive loads of advice and solutions from the experts for your property needs. We can also brainstorm creative design ideas with you as well. This is a non-refundable fee for service but worth every penny! This service can be followed up with a free estimate upon request.
  • Small Hand Designs: For a nominal fee, we can provide a small hand drawing with an approximate scale. This service can be followed up with a free estimate upon request.
  • Full or Partial Landscape Plans: Computerized designs drawn to scale for more detailed projects. These designs are especially beneficial for planning swimming pool installations with adjacent outdoor living spaces. Pricing is based on the scope of the project.

Good landscaping starts with good planning. Professional landscapes start with a landscape design. Drawn to a scale, landscape designs are the best tool for good planning for the following reasons:

  • More accurate planning with fewer mistakes
  • More creative ideas resulting from the design process
  • Better cost estimating tool
  • Better communication of ideas
  • More efficient use of space through the design process
  • A great organization tool (planning in phases etc.)

Hardscape Construction Tab

“Professional Landscaping Makes a Difference!”

We have fully trained, insured, and certified installers for all of your landscaping needs. We specialize in building creative outdoor living spaces using quality materials for long lasting results. Our workmanship is second to none and we include a 2 year warranty on our installations.


Paving Stone: walkways, steps, patios & driveway borders (Dealer for “Oaks” Concrete Products).


Natural Stone: walls, steps and walkways (Dealer for “Upper Canada Stone” natural limestone products). “Natural stone…. an enduring look for a timeless natural landscape.”


Outdoor Carpentry: (custom fences, decks etc) We specialize in custom design-build outdoor carpentry using brown pressure treated lumber and composite products.


Outdoor low voltage lighting: (Dealer for “In-Lite” outdoor lighting products)


Water features: including fountains, ponds and waterfalls. Preferred Installer of aquascape products

Softscape Installation Tab

We specialize in “Property Makeovers” where we renovate, update and refresh the look of the property. We provide environmentally conscious landscapes with creative designs and landscape solutions for enhanced outdoor living spaces.


Lawn installation(sod)


Lawn installation (hydroseed)


Garden Bed Installation


Mulch Borders (Red, Brown, Black, and Spruce)


Planting services (trees, shrubs and perennials)

Excavation Services Tab

We specialize in landscape excavation services using compact and “property friendly” machinery. This is often considered to be part of the “softscape installation” side of our business. Services include:

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  • Drainagework including French drains, downspout gutter drains etc.
  • Excavation and Demolition including tree & stump removal, concrete removal etc.
  • Installation of concrete sono tubes, supply & spread crushed stone etc.
  • Install ditches, drain swales, dry wells and dry stone creeks
  • Hydroseeding for erosion control or residential lawns
  • Supply and spread topsoil, sand and gravel fill

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