Urban Organics is New Brunswick’s first privately owned and operated yard waste composting facility. A division of Urban Landscaping Ltd., Urban Organics is dedicated to composting various yard waste items like leaves, grass and wood chips and turning them into soils. We manufacture a garden soil containing up to 80% compost and a lawn soil comprised of up to 50% compost.

Located on the French Village Road in Rothesay, Urban Organics has been producing the area’s most sought after manufactured soils for over 20 years. Soils are specifically blended for use in gardens or lawns. In addition, the facility supplies area residents with a wide variety of mulches, gravels and landscape stone. Visit our retail yard at 65 Marr Rd to discover the best DIY landscape supply centre around.


What Makes Good Topsoil?

The answer is compost: “Natures Natural soil conditioner!”

Natural soils stripped from gravel pits, old farmland or development sites tend to have a high mineral content (sand, silt or clay). The organic matter usually is low or insufficient to sustain good plant growth. This usually results in more leaching out of nutrients from the soil, lower organic matters and a more sterile, less fertile soil.

Compost is rich in beneficial micro-organisms which help to maintain the soils naturally fertility. Soils with compost are known to increase plant hardiness and improve resistance to pests and diseases.


What Makes Good Topsoil?

  • Longer term slow release of nutrients due to higher percentage of organic matter than naturally occurring soils.
  • Balanced acidity (pH) levels ensure optimum nutrient uptake from fertilizers (range: 6.2 to 7.2).
  • Superior moisture retention and resiliency, which resist compaction for optimum root development and plant establishment.

The answer is compost: “Natures Natural soil conditioner!”

The environment is of major concern these days and we at Urban Organics are looking to partner with you to do our part in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign for a greener earth. Our compost facility takes in various yard waste items and turns them over time into beautiful topsoil for use with lawns and plants. Do your part in the effort to contribute to a greener earth by bringing your yard waste debris to Urban Organics today!

Yard waste materials dropoff is accepted at either Marr Road or French Village locations (depending on volumes) for a small fee


  • Fines: (leaves, grass, mulch, woodchips)
  • Mixed: (leaves, grass, brush & branches, woodchips & plant debris, cardboard fibre, gyproc, wastewood up to 6’ long, construction lumber waste)

CONTAMINANTS (not accepted)

  • Glass, plastic, metal, rocks, animal waste, large tree stumps, meat & dairy, creosote, painted wood.

Caption: Yard waste is ground up using an industrial grinder.

** If contaminants are found in dumped yard waste, a surcharge will be applied.**


(for Urban Organics site at French Village Road):

May – Oct Mon – Fri
7am – 5pm
Nov – April by appointment only !
Call ahead (506) 849-4124


From: Urban Landscaping(Marr Rd.) to Petro-Canada: 6 km
From: Petrocan to Urban Organics entry: 1.5km
From: Dirt Road to compost area: 1.0km