New Summer Trends In Lawn Care

In The Summer:

Being Canadian, many of us wouldn’t dare complain about the summer heat! Well… here’s the complaint: after the heavy spring rainfall comes the summertime drought, which is especially difficult for nature to endure. Repercussions of this drastic seasonal transition can come in many forms such as bare patches in the lawn from previous ice build-up, slower rebound from turf dormancy, and increased weed activity.

As we want you to enjoy your lawn this summer here are some service suggestions and helpful tips to keep in mind!

  • Spot spraying for chinch bugs is a complimentary service enjoyed exclusively by our Organicare fertilization customers. These bugs thrive in lawn areas with full sun exposure. Slopes are also prime areas for chinch bug activity. A telltale sign of these bugs are brown patches that can rapidly grow in size and quantity. If you think you’re under attack give us a call and we’ll have a certified technician check it out!
  • The Urban Mow Crew can ensure your lawn is mowed at about 3” – 3.5” to improve lawn health. Mowing higher during mid-summer helps shade the grass roots which makes the roots grow deeper thereby helping with moisture accessibility, greener grass, and can act as a chinch bug deterrent.
  • In cases of extended periods of drought (more than a few weeks) you may want to consider watering your lawn in the early morning or in the evening to keep your lawn from suffering too much. Watering early or late in the day is optimal timing for your lawn as it can evaporate too quickly if done mid-day when temperatures are highest.
  • Here’s a pro tip to save you time and frustration: seeding in the middle of summer does not provide ideal conditions for seed germination. The top layer of soil is just too dry as well as the atmosphere, making it very difficult for new grass to survive. The best timing for seeding work is mid-August to mid-September where the soil temperature is still warm, but the air temperatures have dropped, so watering efforts are more effective.