Urban Landscaping Ltd.

65 Marr Road

Rothesay, NB

Urban Organics is a division of Urban Landscaping that is dedicated to composting various yard waste items like leaves, grass and wood chips and turning them into soils. We manufacture a garden soil made up of 80% compost and a lawn soil comprised of 50% compost.

The answer is compost: “Natures Natural soil conditioner!”

Natural soils stripped from gravel pits, old farmland or development sites tend to have a high mineral content (sand, silt or clay). The organic matter usually is low or insufficient to sustain good plant growth. This usually results in more leaching out of nutrients from the soil, lower organic matters and a more sterile, less fertile soil.


Compost is rich in beneficial micro-organisms which maintain the soils naturally fertility, micronutrients, soils with compost improve plant hardiness and resistance to disease and pests.



  • Our soils are made from composted leaf and yard waste, household oranics and various commercial biosolids, blended with fine sand and optimum  texture and density.
  • Longer term slow release of nutrients due to higher percentage of organic matter than naturally occurring soils.
  • Balanced acidity (pH) levels ensure optimum nutrient uptake from fertilizers (range: 6.2 to 7.2).
  • Superior moisture retention and resiliency, which resist compaction for optimum root development and plant establishment.

Manufactured soils using compost provide a more consistent growing medium than other soils resulting in more predictable uniform plans growth, long term growth is hardier, requiring less maintenance due to more optimum soil conditions. Our topsoil is also produced utilizing 100% recycled materials that would other wise go to waste in our landfills.