Urban Landscaping Ltd.

65 Marr Road

Rothesay, NB

Home improvement doesn't stop with  interior decorating. Think of us as your exterior decorator. Just as the inside of your home has many functional rooms, so too can your property have several "theme areas". Lawns, walkways, patios, gardens and ponds all help pull your whole home project together into a beautiful place to live.  And who better to place your trust in than our AWARD WINNING company! Check out more!

Once the various landscaping projects that help make your house a home are finished, how do you help keeping it looking its best? We have a whole maintenance division dedicated to taking on those tedious tasks such as mowing and those "I don't know what I am doing" chores like shrub pruning. We'll get you looking ship shape in no time... and help keep your property looking that way. Check out more!

Lawn Care
Everybody is worried about the environment these days, but still wants to have a good looking lawn. We've got the answer with our ORGANICARE fertilizer programs. They're organic based, environmentally friendly and they help your lawn look it finest shade of "Kentucky Bluegrass" green. Check out more!

Urban Organics
Now that you've grown all that lovely grass and the shrubs are taking off, you're having to mow and prune regularly. But what do you do with all the debris? Bring all that yard waste to us and we'll grind it, turn it, compost it and eventually turn it back into soil! We like working with Mother Nature to keep her green. It's what makes the world go round. Check out more!