Urban Landscaping Ltd.

65 Marr Road

Rothesay, NB

Once the various landscaping projects that help make your house a home are finished, how do you help keeping it looking its best? We have a whole maintenance division dedicated to taking on those tedious tasks such as mowing and those "I don't know what I am doing" chores like shrub pruning. We'll get you looking ship shape in no time... and help keep your property looking that way.

To keep your property looking well manicured and healthy, look no further than Urban Landscaping. Our mowing, shrub/hedge trimming and Spring/Fall clean up services give your property that "polished" look that shows off the value of your property.  Mulching of shrub beds on an annual or biennial basis will help "pop" those beautiful shrubs and perennials for real curb appeal.


Along with a fertilization program, other services may be necessary to improve the health of your lawn. A qualified technician will determine if any of the following services are necessary and will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for your property.


For those of you who allow us to provide a number of maintenance services for your property, we have introduced a loyalty discount called the "Urban Roots Club".  Certain conditions apply, so give us a call and we'll fill in the details! 

AERATION - perforates through the thatch layer, removes soil plugs and allows for improved water, oxygen and nutrient percolation into the root zone. Also reduces soil compaction and thatch.

TOPDRESSING AND OVERSEEDING - fills in thin or bare areas caused by winterkill, drought, cinch bugs or shade. Top quality seed is used to better tolerate drought and insect feeding. Topdressing with compost assists in seed germination by improving moisture retention in the soil and improves soil structure.

SOIL TESTING - helps find the problems in the soil composition and enables more precise application rates and treatment recommendations.

DETHATCHING - combs out dead, matted grass and helps the lawn to "breathe" and dry out faster. This helps prevent potential disease and pest problems.