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Lawn Care
Everybody is worried about the environment these days, but still wants to have a good looking lawn. We've got the answer with our ORGANICARE fertilizer programs. They're organic based, environmentally friendly and they help your lawn look it finest shade of "Kentucky Bluegrass" green.

ORGANICARE:  Urban Landscaping's take on Organic Based Turf Management: A safer and healthier approach to lawn care, our organic based fertilization treatments feed both the soil and the grass. A healthy lawn that is fed organically is better able to fight weed and pest invasion rather than relying on heavy applications of chemicals. Our environmentally responsible lawn care is the only way to have a healthy, green lawn without sacrificing environmental concerns.


Urban Landscaping has developed the most advanced organic lawn care services in the industry with the most comprehensive IPM (Integrated Pest Management) turf care practices available.   So much so that Neil Pond, who created the programs, has been asked to give industry training seminars so others could benefit from such a solid approach to lawn care. 


NEWS FLASH ---   Urban Landscaping was the first company to achieve IPM accreditation status in New Brunswick.  This is a rigorous procedure of application, assessment, testing and audits.  It is similar to an ISO status.  Accreditation status is only valid for one year at a time and is reassessed each year by a national audit board.  We have achieved and maintained FULL IPM ACCREDITATION status since 2004.  


 After years of careful research and trials, Urban Landscaping has developed three successful lawn care programs in our ORGANICARE lineup:  ORGANICARE Regular, Complete, and Natural


Our ORGANICARE Natural program utilizes fertilizers that are 70% - 100% organic material .  The type of fertilizer used is determined by the best agronomic choice for the particular time of year it is begin applied.  This program is great for peace of mind for those homeowners wanting to maintain a healthy, green lawn but who do not feel comfortable with the use of any pesticides.


For those properties with substantial weed or insect problems, or those being converted over from synthetic chemical fertilizer and pesticide treatments, we would recommend our ORGANICARE Regular or Complete programs -- a safer, healthier and more comprehensive alternative to conventional lawn care practices.  These programs provide a combination of organic based fertilizers, pest and weed monitoring, and control products for pests & weeds when necessary.  It is our choice to feed your lawn with fertilizers that contain at least 70% organic materials in order to provide a positive impact on the soil's health.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that may contain as little as 7% organics! 


Contact our office for more information and to book a lawn analysis with one of our lawn care technicians.  We'd be happy to help you GREEN UP -- Naturally!