Urban Landscaping Ltd.

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Rothesay, NB

Gravels and Stone
For pathways, bases for paver patios, or instead of mulch, our gravels and decorative stone have a variety of uses. Come on in to our yard and talk to us about your project. We'd be happy to help choose the right product for you.

Flagstone and Landscape Rocks

Nothing beats the look of natural stone. Our flagstone (approx 1" - 2" thick) and sandstone slabs (approx 4" - 6" thick) are a beautiful alternative to concrete pavers. They help soften any landscape and are tireless in their appeal. After all, Mother Nature never goes out of style!


Crushed Stone

Whether for drainage or base material, we have a variety of sizes of crushed limestone to help out. 

·      ¼ minus  -  great base material for walkways, patios, paths

·      ¾ minus  -  a more substantial base material when extra thickness and stability is needed, such as for driveways.

·      ½ clear  -  a great drainage product behind retaining walls and to finish the look under raised decks. 


Playground Peagravel

Natural brown/black/grey in colour, this government certified product is great for children's play areas.  It is about 1/4"-3/8" in size and is washed so kids can run and jump in a good base of this gravel without injury and without getting filthy!


Decorative Brown Stone

This is a ¼ - 3/8 size crushed stone that works well as a mulch substitute on shrub beds or can be used as a different look for pathways. 


Decorative White Stone

Be bold and different!  Create a theme bed using this attractive creamy white stone. 



A super alternative to mulch, especially around pool areas.  Works great as a drip edge border along the foundation of a house or shed. 



Need a walkway, but don’t want a formal look?  Flagstone is the answer.  Our natural Miramichi flagstone blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape to provide functionality without calling attention to itself. 


Landscape Rocks

Sometimes the final touch to a shrub bed is a well placed landscape rock or two to help nestle the shrub bed into its surroundings.  We have small “1 man rocks”, to large armour rocks which need the help of a loader to lift!